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  1. Get a New York Times access code ACCESS CODE

  2. Click Redeem to get 72 hours of continuous access. After the first 72 hours have passed, you will need to redeem another code for another 72 hours of remote access (i.e. Repeat Step 2). This is the licensing model that New York Times has negotiated with public libraries.

  3. Register with your personal email address, or click on “log in here” if you have already created an account.

Once you have created your account (or have logged in), you will receive an email confirmation of your 72-hour, unlimited access to New York Times Digital. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please review the above instructions to ensure that you have completed each step.


The New York Times Digital app is free and available for the following operating systems or you can sign into the New York Times website here:




If you’re using a mobile device, open your device’s browser to the New York Times page with the remote access link to get the access code, not the New York Times app itself. Then, once you launch the NYT app and sign in with the email address you used to register, the code will have already been applied.

This resource requires a library card to use it.

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