Freegal® is a free music service from your library. All you need is your library card number and possibly a PIN if your library utilizes them. Freegal offers access to about 15 million songs, including Sony Music’s catalog of legendary artists, and over 40,000 music videos. In total the collection is comprised of music from over 40,000 labels with music that originates in over 100 countries. There is no software to download, and there are no digital rights management (DRM) restrictions. Access to Freegal is limited to patrons of subscribing libraries.

Freegal Music was designed to browse or search for your favorite music.

Depending on your libraries’ contract, you will be able to either stream or download music, or a combination of both.

Your Download Limit will reset every Monday at 12:00am (Central Time, USA). If you’re on a desktop computer, you will see your Download Limit at the top of your web page to the left of the search bar. If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll find the Download Limit under Settings (top right corner, three dots).

Your Streaming Timer is located in the same place as the Download Limit. Your streaming timer will reset daily at 12:00am (Central Time, USA).

One the homepage, you’ll see the Featured page, which will display curated content for you to enjoy. You can use the navigation bar to explore music in different ways, via the Search bar or through the Browse page. You can search by artists, genre, song, etc.




This resource requires a library card to use it.

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