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Curious about the world? AtoZ the World has you covered. With AtoZ the World, information about world history, cultures, languages, foods, religions, and much more is just a click away. With 174 Country Culture Guides covering more than 60 topics each, AtoZ the World offers a breadth and depth of content that is unmatched by any other single resource. What will you learn today?

• AtoZ the World serves as a key resource for academic institutions with programs in international and cross-cultural studies, international business, the social sciences, women’s studies, language studies, and study abroad programs.
• AtoZ the World provides teachers with a comprehensive resource for lesson plans and class activities.
• Students use AtoZ the World as a one-stop research resource for country reports, projects, and presentations.
• Libraries benefit from AtoZ the World’s ease of use and relevance to diverse patron populations.

All AtoZ the World content is mobile friendly, automatically adapting to the screen size of any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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