Candid is a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits serve their communities. We offer Candid's key tools including Guidestar, Foundation Directory and Grants to Individuals.

Guidestar is the most comprehensive source of nonprofit information:

  • Find local nonprofits to donate, work or volunteer.
  • Connect those in need to resources they rely on, such as food banks or shelters
  • Access 2 million+ nonprofits

Foundation Directory helps nonprofits find funding faster:

  • Build robust prospect lists from 242,000+ grantmakers
  • Know which funders are more likely to provide support
  • Connect with key decision makers through the LinkedIn integration
  • Find collaboration opportunities and join forces with other nonprofits

Grants to Individuals helps reduce student debt.

  • Search for grantmakers who fund scholarships, fellowships and student aid

Candid services can only be accessed at the Valparaiso Branch. For assistance using Candid, call the Valparaiso Branch to schedule a one-on-one appointment.

This resource requires you to be in the library to use it.

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